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M. Bottura opens Refettorio in Paris

Following up from my last post, M. Bottura just opened a new location for his “soup kitchen” in Paris. The Refettorio is located in the crypt of the church of La … Continue reading

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Michelin chef X Soup kitchen

Massimo Bottura (a Michelin-starred chef) just opened a soup kitchen in Italy. But it’s not any kind of soup kitchen. He calls it a restaurant, doesn’t serve soup but delicious … Continue reading

March 19, 2018 · 1 Comment

Elegant brunch at Patisserie Rhubarbe

I already reported on the decadent pastries from this little gem in a previous post. Now, the pastry shop was so successful I guess that it moved around the corner … Continue reading

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Provisions – Intimate and fresh dining experience – Montreal restaurant

This cozy and tiny 30 seats restaurant offers a surprise menu based on daily provisions. Yes, here, you shall eat whatever the staff picked up at the market the day … Continue reading

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Summer in a bowl

It’s a bit of a cloudy summer here in Montreal and I felt like I needed some sun on my plate so I treated myself to this pimped gazpacho with … Continue reading

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Pay-it-forward pizza joint

This Philadelphia pizza joint is bringing the “pay-it-forward” philosophy to life with a super simple idea. All it takes is 1$ to put a post it on the wall for … Continue reading

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Say bye to plastic water bottles and Hello to Ooho.

Ooho is reinventing how we’ll drink water on-the-go. After plastic bags, plastic water bottles are the new public enemy #1. Sales of plastic water bottles are still growing, despite their terrible effect on the … Continue reading

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EquityEats: An innovative restaurant crowdfunding platform

Let me introduce you to EquityEats, a new restaurant crowdfunding platform EquityEats is a little bit like a kickstarter but with 2 main differences: 1. it specializes in restaurants 2. it doesn’t help … Continue reading

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Make Quartier Général your headquarter – Montreal BYOW restaurant

Quartier Général (QG) is french for Headquarter, a perfect name for this awesome BYOW in the Plateau that could well become your local hangout. I don’t know any other place that offers such … Continue reading

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What’s cooking for you in 2017

Do you ever get tired of the traditional BS horoscopes? Because if you do, I have a tip for you. Leave your gossip magazines aside and check out this food horoscope by Lucky Peach! … Continue reading

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Pulled pork with mango salsa recipe

Last week was freezing in Montreal and so on Monday, when temperatures hit -20, I felt like the BBQ pulled pork in my freezer was calling my name. The problem was that the only … Continue reading

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A taste of the sea at Pier 66 – Montreal restaurant

Having dinner at Pier 66 is like being transported to the seaside for a couple hours. With a seafood-only menu, this restaurant definitely has a taste of  holidays. Food: The menu is … Continue reading

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Pastries gone wild

Chef or architect? With Dinara Kasko, an up-and-coming Ukrainian pastry chef, you get the best of both worlds. Pastries that deserve to win global architecture competitions! After studying architecture and 3D, … Continue reading

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Chicke udon noodle recipe

Udon noodles are definitely the most comforting Japanese noodles. The kind you can’t eat everyday but really crave once in a while. Yesterday was one of these days and so I had … Continue reading

October 23, 2016 · 1 Comment

Why you must try Salmigondis – Montreal restaurant

Although at the heart of little Italy and with an Italian sounding name, Salmigondis is not your typical Italian eatery. Here, you’ll discover a modern and seasonal cuisine with a short yet … Continue reading

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Japanese Inspired Night at Jatoba – Montreal restaurant

Leaving cold and grey downtown Montreal behind to enter Jatoba is like discovering an oasis in the desert. With exposed bricks, high ceilings and a wall of shelves displaying a selection of Asian objects, it really … Continue reading

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L’entre-pots, a hidden gem for brunch – Montreal restaurant

Friendly staff, tasty food and reasonable prices. The dream combination, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to brunch which tend to be over-rated in Montreal… Well, l’entre-pots definitely isn’t and … Continue reading

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Tropical night at Agrikol – Montreal restaurant

This new Haitian restaurant on Amherst is definitely heating things up. So if you can’t afford holidays in the Caribbean, no need to worry, this Montreal restaurant has you covered! Everything here from … Continue reading

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Brunch Pancake recipe

When you have people over for Sunday brunch but don’t feel like preparing a complicated or fancy breakfast menu, pancakes are the way to go! This quick & easy pancake recipe will please everyone. I assure … Continue reading

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The magical power of french food

Being a frenchie, I am very aware of how fantastic french food is but after so many years abroad I sometimes tend to forget just how good it really is. One dinner at the Bistro … Continue reading

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