Everything Delicious.


Pauline Rosen
Montreal, Quebec

Bio: Hi & welcome to delifeed, a feed about everything delicious. My name is Pauline Rosen. I am a frenchie that swapped croissants for dumplings and more recently for poutine. I have always loved food - cooking it, eating it or simply reading about it! Food is pretty much my compass in life, and I’m being pretty literal about this: Food is how I find my way in a city “you mean the building next to that restaurant”, and how I remember my vacations “oh! When we ate the best Thai green curry ever....”. Food has also become my favorite marketing subject, (yep, sorry, I work in advertising) and I love to look into the latest food trends (isn’t the ugly food trend incredible?). I have started this blog to share my compass with other passionate food explorers and I hope we can navigate the delicious world of food together. Happy reading! In advance, sorry for the food coma that may follow... Pauline

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